Violent Attack by Criminals Leaves Americans Horrified

Crime in the United States continues to rise. Largely enabling this are Democratic leaders who keep coddling criminals, while leaving lawful citizens to fend for themselves.

In fact, policies like cutting funding for law enforcement, knocking down bail laws, etc., directly embolden criminals. Bad people who know they’re less likely to be held responsible for their actions are more likely to offend.

Of course, Republicans have been consistently sounding the alarm about this issue; yet, it’s largely fallen on deaf ears.

In one of the latest cases involving crime, a group of teenagers in Ohio viciously beat up a man at a gas station before eventually opening fire on someone else, according to the Gateway Pundit.

In Cleveland, a man taking a simple trip to the gas station was caught on video being assaulted. The teen group started violently pushing, hitting, and bodyslamming this man. Eventually, he managed to get away from the group by hiding in the gas station.

Meanwhile, the assault being caught on video led to the arrests of multiple girls and boys, believed to be around the ages 12 to 16. Despite their young ages, the beating of this man and illegal use of firearms is going to have them staring down some major criminal charges.

Wayne Drummond, the police chief of Cleveland, expressed that he’s aghast and furious about what happened. In public remarks, Drummond said he’s all for putting “violent juveniles” behind bars if this is what it takes to ensure the city is safe.

Furthermore, the police chief pointed out the assault captured on video is both “animalistic” and not something that community leaders are going to accept.

Sadly, without nationwide reforms that actually do hold criminals to account for their behavior, more and more bad actors are going to keep coming out of the woodwork.