Virginia Cracks Down Against Unwanted Nude Images

Last year, Republicans scored a major victory when Glenn Youngkin won the gubernatorial election in Virginia.

Youngkin handily defeated Democrat (and former Virginia Governor) Terry McAuliffe by focusing on policies that spoke to voters’ hearts, such as education.

In fact, Youngkin did such a stellar job at this that he won votes from some Virginians who cast ballots for Joe Biden during the most recent presidential race.

As governor, Youngkin has been making good on his campaign promises and then some. According to Washington Examiner, one of the latest bills Governor Youngkin signed into law is the prohibition of unwanted nude images.

New Changes Coming to the Commonwealth of Virginia

Starting on Friday, July 1, any adult in Virginia who sends unwanted nude images to another adult will be subject to a $500 fine. This fine will then be given to the recipient of the unwanted images.

Governor Youngkin signed this legislation into law earlier in the week. The phenomenon of unwanted nude images being sent is often referred to as “digital flashing.”

Amid the update about the new law, online dating site Bumble hailed the decree, noting that digital flashing deserves the same legal penalties associated with in-person flashing.

The Virginia governor has also signed a series of other laws pertaining to healthcare, education, public safety, and more. These laws were passed not on party vote alone, but by a bipartisan group of state lawmakers.

This remains on-brand with how Youngkin ran his campaign and garnered support from conservatives and non-conservatives alike.

A New Day in Virginia

For more than one decade, Virginia was forced to contend with the horrors and pitfalls of across-the-board left-wing leadership.

However, Youngkin has made clear that he’ll continue to fight for policies that make life better and safer for the people of the commonwealth.

Despite the various advancements Youngkin’s made for Virginia since being sworn in as governor, Democrats are still very much out to get him.

Virginia Democrats never expected that Youngkin would win the governor’s race, especially considering how long the left controlled the commonwealth.

Interestingly enough, while the 2021 Virginia governor’s race took place, much of the nation deemed it as a bellwether for this year’s midterm elections.

If this perception turns out to be accurate, then Republican candidates have some very bright futures ahead. The same also goes for Americans who are rooting for the end of inflation and other disastrous reforms.

What do you think about the state of Virginia cracking down against digital flashing? Do you believe it would be a good idea for other states to take up similar legislation to stop the spread of unwanted nude images?

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