Virginia May Be the Next State to Suspend the Gas Tax

Gas prices in the United States are far more expensive than they need to be. They’re certainly many times higher than they were when Trump was president and running America.

The Biden administration set high gas prices into action by putting the US energy sector on life support.

Even as the prices of gas get close to $10.00 per gallon, the White House is still interfering with pipelines, permits, and overall energy functions.

As a result of gas prices reaching such high levels, multiple states have already taken action accordingly. One of the most popular measures involves removing the gas tax.

According to The Hill, Virginia could very well be the next state to put a hold on the gas tax.

A New Change Coming to Virginia?

Earlier this month, Virginia Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin formally urged the state legislature to put a three-month halt on the gas tax.

Youngkin also released a statement about the matter, justifying the need for the gas tax to be put on hold until August.

According to the Virginia governor, inflation and gas prices are making life harder for Virginians and other folks across the nation. Youngkin likewise noted that in light of his state’s transportation fund, a three-month gas tax is more than advisable.

Putting an end to the gas tax, even temporarily, will make a modest difference, at the very least. Right now, gas prices are projected to keep going up, thus becoming increasingly unaffordable for more Americans.

Meanwhile, as Virginia considers striking down the gas tax, the Biden administration is saying that today’s gas prices are here to stay (or get higher) until “clean energy” arrives.

Bipartisan Backing for Gas Tax Suspensions

Republican leaders are not the only ones who are supportive of putting temporary halts on gas taxes in America. Maryland, Georgia, and Connecticut, for instance, have eliminated their gas taxes.

In California, there was even a push to stop the state’s gas tax. Although, unlike other Democrats, left-wing California lawmakers did not support this measure.

Instead, California Democrats took a GOP proposal to kill the gas tax and turned it into a tax increase on oil and gas corporations.

Naturally, this tax will cause a further spike in gas prices that will be placed on the shoulders of consumers.

In light of bipartisan favor for rolling back gas taxes, many Americans thought it was odd that California Democrats would not only reject this initiative, but also turn it into a gas tax increase.

What do you think about the strong support on both sides of the political aisle to get rid of the gas tax for some time? Do you think this will make a real difference in the lives of the American public? Let us know in the comments section.