Walmart Cutting Back on Selling Cigarettes

At this point in time, it’s been well-established that cigarette smoking is a deeply unhealthy habit.

Smoking increases one’s risk of heart disease, heart attack, stroke, diabetes, and a litany of other health complications. Furthermore, smokers who already have existing health problems can see these problems go from bad to worse with cigarettes.

Unfortunately, the habit of smoking is far from rare in the United States. Many Americans still light up cigarettes, only to have the very real health risks catch up with them at one point or another.

However, Walmart is aiming to change this. As the retail giant takes a step towards involvement in the healthcare industry, it’s reducing the number of its stores that sell cigarettes, according to Washington Examiner.

What to Know About Walmart’s Changes in Cigarette Sales

About 5,000 US Walmart stores will cease to sell cigarettes very soon. The states that feel the impact of this change will be California, Florida, New Mexico, and Arkansas.

In a publicly released statement, Walmart has expressed its interest in aligning itself with the health industry. Naturally, such an alignment doesn’t really mesh well with cigarettes being sold.

As Walmart makes this transition, Americans in the aforementioned states can expect self-checkout kiosks, grab-and-go snacks, and even different candy assortments where cigarettes previously were.

In another part of its public statement, Walmart confirmed that being there to meet customers’ needs is something the company will always strive towards.

Rising Above a Smoking Habit/Addiction

Unfortunately, lockdowns and isolation that’ve taken place over the past few years led to increases in addiction. Smoking is no exception.

However, there are still steps that each individual can take as a means of pushing back against the habit of smoking.

Studies have shown that getting even five minutes of exercise in can help produce brain chemicals that work against cravings.

Another healthy alternative can be joining support groups that are designed to help people overcome various addictions. This can play a huge role in a person feeling less alone and being part of something greater than themselves.

Another added bonus of support groups to beat a smoking habit/addiction is exposure to various strategies that have worked for other people in similar positions.

There’s no doubt that Walmart’s rollback on cigarette sales in thousands of stores across the nation will leave an impact. However, the extent of this impact is something that will be revealed in time.

What do you think about Walmart’s call to roll back the sales of cigarettes in thousand of their stores across four different states? Will this have a positive impact in the fight against smoking?

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