What’s Up With All the Gun Massacres Worldwide?

Over the course of three days, there were four shootings in the cosmopolitan city of Birmingham, UK, one of which resulted in death.

According to BirminghamLive, three individuals were hospitalized as a result of gunshots from Friday to Saturday.

One man was murdered in the city, which has sizable and frequently overlapped immigrant heritage groups.

Gun Violence in Gun-Free UK

In the early hours of July 7th, a 30-year-old man called Mohammed Kasim and another man were shot in a vehicle in the Small Heath neighborhood.

More than half of the residents are of Pakistani descent and just about a tenth are classified as White British.

While his partner was being treated in the hospital, Kasim passed away in the parking lot outside Heartlands Clinic after he managed to drive there despite his injuries.

A 19-year-old man went to the hospital just after noon on the same day with a shotgun wound to his leg that he sustained on Clissold Street in Ladywood.

A short while afterward, police got reports of gunfire in a different event, in which no one was hurt.

On Saturday, another two guys, ages 21 and 22, were taken to the hospital after just being shot on Wheeler Avenue in Newtown.

Gun restrictions in the UK are extremely rigorous, with pistols almost completely prohibited and semi-automatic, as well as pump-action, rifles severely restricted.

In order to get a shotgun or guns certificate, applicants must provide a good justification other than self-defense of the applicant or their residences, such as hunting or target shooting.

In fact, British citizens are not even permitted to possess pepper spray cans, which are oddly classified as guns under the appropriate regulations.

Gun crime increased growth in the years after the then-Labour government’s historic ban on handguns in 1999, despite the fact that Great Britain is tougher to smuggle weapons into as an island nation.

Police forces trying to uncover prohibited weapons like AK-47s and Skorpion carbine rifles are not unheard of.

Gun Violence in Gun-Free South Africa

In South Africa, on Saturday evening, gun massacres at two pubs resulted in at least 19 fatalities and eight serious injuries.

Around midnight, a massacre in Johannesburg’s Soweto neighborhood left 15 people dead and several more wounded. The second incident took place in a Pietermaritzburg pub and left four people dead and eight more injured.

In relation to the first shooting, Gauteng provincial police chief Lt. Gen. Elias Mawela told reporters “the basic investigation reveals these folks were enjoying themselves here, in a licensed pub operating within the appropriate hours.”

People attempted to flee the tavern when they heard several gunshots. “At this time, we do not fully understand the motivation for the targeting of these individuals,” he continued.

“You can tell that a gun of a large caliber was employed and it was firing at random. You can see that each and every one of those individuals struggled to leave the pub.