White House Considered Giving Americans Gas Cards

It’s an unfortunate reality today that the prices of gas are so high, many Americans just can’t afford them. People today are spending more money to fuel their vehicles than they’ve ever spent.

This has gotten to be such a problem that rumors claim Americans in the South are actually going to Mexico and waiting in hours-long lines, just to get cheaper gas.

Reviving America’s energy independence is a swift and effective solution to high prices of gas. However, the Biden administration doesn’t want to do this because energy independence doesn’t mesh with the leftist Green New Deal agenda.

However, according to Red State, it has since come out that the Biden administration previously thought about handing out gas cards to the American people, due to current prices.

The Plan That Almost Was

In another attempt to employ every measure other than domestic energy production, the Biden administration once thought about administering gas cards that were pre-paid to the American public.

This, apparently, was something the White House believed would have helped Americans. However, after not-so-positive feedback from lawmakers, the Biden administration shut down this idea.

While gas cards are off the table, this truly highlights how out of touch the Biden administration is. Inflation is a consequence of the federal government spending money without abandon.

Therefore, had the White House spent more federal money on pre-paid gas cards, this would have only contributed to even more inflation, thereby creating higher gas prices.

Ironically, distributing gas cards would have worked against the entire purpose of the initiative.

The Only Out

As news breaks of the White House’s now-scrapped gas cards plan, it has not gone over well with the American public.

Many people weighed in with their thoughts on social media, lambasting the proposal as silly and unnecessary. Other folks noted that instead of handing out gas cards, Biden should pull back the blocks he’s put on American energy independence.

Unfortunately, the White House is still rejecting energy independence while dishonestly claiming the administration isn’t standing in the way of US energy production.

During a press assemblage last week, White House press secretary Jen Psaki claimed Biden doesn’t view oil pipelines as a means of bringing down the costs of gas.

However, multiple members of Biden’s Cabinet have said Americans unable to afford the present costs of gas should purchase electric vehicles to erase their need for gas.

Electric vehicles are tens of thousands of dollars on average; they’re also much more expensive than cars that run on gas.

What do you think about the Biden administration’s prior consideration of sending out pre-paid gas cards to Americans? Do you think this would have been more or less effective than domestic energy production? Please share your thoughts in the comments feed.