White House Loses Another Top Aide

There’s no denying the White House has some serious problems. For starters, President Biden’s approval rating is sitting at a measly 36%. Meanwhile, recent polls show Americans don’t want Biden to seek a second term and have serious concerns about where the economy is heading.

Meanwhile, multiple COVID vaccine mandates the White House has attempted to force on workers across the nation have been stopped by the courts. This comes after the Biden administration insisted their mandates were legally sound.

On top of that, CNN released a story just last month that claims Vice President Kamala Harris is being mistreated, scapegoated, and railroaded by the Biden administration. Shortly after this report, one of Harris’ aides announced her resignation.

Washington Examiner now reports yet another aide to the vice president is leaving her post very shortly.

Not Looking Good for Biden’s White House

Symone Sanders has worked as the spokeswoman and counsel to Vice President Harris. Nevertheless, on Wednesday, the Biden administration announced to the press that Sanders will be leaving her post at the end of 2021.

The official statement declares that Biden, Harris, and the rest of the White House are appreciative of Sanders’ service to them. Likewise, the Biden administration claimed Sanders has brought value to the White House and will be missed.

The statement did not announce a specific reason for Sanders stepping down. Likewise, there was no mention of who would step in to fill the vacancy at the end of the year. Right now, it’s very possible the White House is still vetting potential replacements.

Sanders’ departure from the Biden administration comes after weeks of rumors that Harris is having a tough time in the White House. It also comes after the vice president’s own aides told CNN they had worries about how she was being treated.

Will More Aides Step Down?

Thus far, the Biden administration has seen a fair amount of folks step down from their posts altogether. This also gives credence to reports and beliefs that all is not well on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, despite what the White House wishes to portray.

There is a real possibility more aides could step down. There’s a real chance the true extent of problems in the Biden administration have yet to be publicized. If this is the case, then aides could be trying to strategically get out now while the getting is good.

Time will ultimately expose whether or not the turnover rate of the Biden administration continues to increase.

Do you think the Biden administration is having more problems and intentionally trying to conceal them from the American people? What are your thoughts about the current rates of turnover from this White House thus far? We want to read all about it in the comments field.