White House Now Defending Inflation in America

Inflation is a deeply harmful plight on the U.S. economy. As Americans are seeing and experiencing, inflation devalues the power of their money; it also ensures that they get less bang for their buck.

Unfortunately, inflation has hit the United States after a series of lockdowns, restrictions on businesses, and other factors which adversely impacted the economy. President Biden and Democrats professed that stimulus checks were the answer to revitalizing the economy; however, this was dead wrong.

At this point, there’s really no denying the Biden administration bears utter accountability for inflation in America. This might explain why the White House has now resorted to spinning a false narrative that inflation is actually positive, per Breitbart News.

The White House on Inflation in America

On Friday, the Biden administration’s press secretary, Jen Psaki, sat down for an interview with CNN. CNN is a deeply leftist, very anti-conservative network; however, they didn’t treat Psaki with kid gloves.

Host Jake Tapper questioned Psaki about inflation, noting the surging costs of goods in the United States. Tapper also questioned whether Psaki believes it’s “tone-deaf” for Biden’s chief of staff to dismiss inflation as merely “high class problems” when Americans across the board are feeling the impacts.

Immediately, Psaki pivoted. The press secretary for the White House declared more Americans are purchasing supplies and therefore boosting the demand for these items. Psaki then went on to say this is a “good thing.” Later, Psaki stated inflation will wane in 2022.

Backlash from the American People

The backlash from the American people was swift. The White House press secretary immediately faced pushback for attempting to pretend like inflation simply boils down to a higher demand for products.

This isn’t the latest ridiculous remark from Psaki, though. The press secretary also dismissed the Biden chief of staff’s comments about inflation being a “high class problem” earlier in the week.

Here’s the truth of the matter: the White House does not take inflation seriously. If Psaki, Biden, and others in the administration had their way, they’d be able to make every American simply forget about inflation and quit talking about it.

Right now, it’s very unfortunate that this is the approach the White House is choosing to take. This administration, with the help of Democrats in Congress, created this inflation crisis; they should now be doing everything in their power to fix it.

Instead, the White House has nothing but excuses, pivots, and tone-deaf statements. All Americans should remember this when it comes time to vote in the 2022 midterm elections.

What are your views about inflation in the country? Do you believe the White House’s rhetoric and responses to inflation are acceptable? Let us know in the comments section below.