White House Tries to Walk Back Biden’s Comment on COVID Solutions

Earlier this week, Joe Biden sparked bipartisan outraged when he professed that there is not a federal means of fixing COVID. This was noted to be rather ironic, coming from a president who spent his campaign last year promising to do away with COVID.

Biden stated countless times that COVID would meet its demise when he put his plan into action. The only things the 46th president has put into action, though, are vaccine mandates being hit with one lawsuit after the other.

The president’s so-called plan didn’t stop COVID from mutating. Now, the virus has gotten to a point where Biden is declaring that states will essentially have to take it from here.

After massive backlash against the 46th president, the White House is now trying to do damage control and walk things back, as reported by Townhall.

A New Spin from the Biden Administration

The truth of the matter is Biden very clearly stated COVID does not have a federal fix, but must be handled at the level of the states. Now, since that hasn’t garnered the reactions Biden anticipated, his White House wants to spin the matter.

According to the White House, Biden’s remarks about states fixing COVID were accompanied by statements alleging the need for a partnership between governments at the state and federal levels.

What the Biden administration clearly wants to infer here is that the president’s remarks were taken out of context; however, that is simply not the case.

Once again, Biden’s managed to botch yet another important matter. Then, instead of coming clean about it, the 46th president orders his aides in the White House to try and make the problem go away.

This is yet another insult to the intelligence of the American people, seeing as the White House is ultimately expecting everyone to believe whatever lies they toss out there.

A New Light on Mandates?

Amid the censure of Biden’s change of tone regarding COVID, many Americans pointed out another very important fact.

If, indeed, Biden truly believes there’s not a solution at the federal level that can be implemented, then this is all the more reason for him to cease the various medical mandates he’s been attempting to push through.

It doesn’t make sense for this president to state that a federal solution is lacking, while simultaneously pushing for federal mandates. Nevertheless, making sense has never been the strong suit of Biden or his administration.

On Tuesday, the 46th president told the media that he’d implement a COVID vaccine mandate for domestic air travel if his team of health officials advised it.

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