White House Walks Back Biden’s Comments on Regime Change in Russia

Today, the world is seeing the impacts that stem from Biden’s ill-advised actions in Afghanistan last year.

These actions were witnessed by the world’s leaders and played a huge role in Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine over one month ago.

Unfortunately, despite being president, Biden has failed to garner the respect of world leaders.

Under Biden’s leadership, Putin openly wages war and threatens the West; yet, under Trump’s leadership, the Russian president never dreamed of making these moves.

With each passing day, Biden proves his inability to stand in the waters of geopolitical affairs. Meanwhile, some of his latest remarks about the Russian president had the White House scrambling to do damage control, as documented by Breitbart News.

Biden on Russian Regime Change

On Saturday, Biden spoke at length about the war in Ukraine waged by Russia. He admonished Putin several times for starting this war and committing various war crimes.

However, what sent the White House into a frenzy was the very end of Biden’s speech when he professed that Putin could no longer remain in power.

This quickly trended online, with most people interpreting it as Biden’s endorsement for regime change in Russia.

Later, this led to the White House coming out and stating that what Biden truly meant was Putin can’t be permitted to exert power over neighboring countries, namely Ukraine.

In the statement, the White House was quick to denounce the claim that Biden’s remarks were about Putin’s leadership in Russia or regime change in general.

Failed Damage Control

What Biden very clearly declared was that Putin cannot stay “in” power. This is a clear reference to the Russian despot’s leadership in his country, not the power he seeks to gain in Ukraine.

Biden has been heavily criticized for this, with some people warning his rhetoric could inadvertently set off World War III.

Previously, the White House has gone on record, saying that regime change isn’t something anyone in the Biden administration would be openly talking about.

Biden’s actions in Afghanistan created a climate in which Putin felt comfortable enough to attack Ukraine, to begin with. Since this attack, Biden has continued to fumble publicly and display his weakness on the world stage.

Just earlier this month, when Biden was publicly asked whether or not Putin is a war criminal, he first said “no.” Then, he quickly walked that back and said “yes.”

Polling has shown that most Americans believe Ukraine would not currently be under siege if Donald Trump was still president of the United States.

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