White House Will Reverse Ban on Oil and Gas Leasing

Last year, Joe Biden created an energy crisis when he shut down oil and gas drilling on federal lands.

The president claimed he was doing this to benefit the environment; however, the only outcome was the destruction of energy independence and gas prices being multiple times higher than they were when Trump was in office.

Across the United States, gas prices have gotten beyond out of control. People simply cannot afford to fill their tanks anymore.

Needless to say, since all of this is happening on the watches of Biden and the Democrats, they’re suffering big time in the polls.

This week, the Biden administration announced its decision to allow oil and gas leasing on federal lands, as documented by Newsmax.

A New Change in Energy Reform

On Friday, the US Interior Department announced its decision to recommence oil and gas leasing on federal lands.

The announcement also comes with the news that an 18.75% royalty rate is going to accompany these leases.

The Biden administration, for weeks now, has been called upon to reinstate oil and gas leasing. In response to these calls, the White House refused, saying that it would be pointless and ineffective.

Now, amid the political fallout, the White House is walking this back in a certain desperation to lower gas prices before the midterm elections arrive in seven months.

Since making this shift, the Interior Department is trying to paint the Biden administration as pro-energy; yet, in actuality, nothing could be further from the truth.

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, the Biden administration’s decision to now reinstate oil and gas leases doesn’t change the negative impacts this country has suffered.

The White House was repeatedly warned that these leases were necessary in order for America to have energy independence and help keep the economy intact.

Yet, the president and his administration chose to put their agenda of climate change and a Green New Deal above the interests of the country.

Walking this back now isn’t something that should make Americans forget what’s led to so many economic and energy problems.

This November is going to give the American public only one shot to change the power balance in Congress while Biden remains in office.

If polling is any indication, Democrats are going to be losing many seats in Congress, along with the majority in each chamber. This is something the left is now claiming will bring about the end of democracy in America as we know it.

What do you think about the Biden administration walking back its withdrawal of oil and gas leases? Do you think this is the Democrats’ political ploy to save themselves ahead of the midterms? In the comments area, let us know what you think.