White House Works to Dispel Rumors of Tension Regarding Kamala Harris

Over the weekend, CNN released a report about Vice President Kamala Harris. In this report, Harris is said to be clashing with President Biden, the White House, and feeling as if she is purposefully sidelined.

The CNN report likewise claimed there are issues with Harris’ team and the levels of productivity she thinks are available to her. Rumors have also surfaced that the White House is concerned about Harris’ levels of loyalty, especially as future elections come up.

Not long after this report broke, the White House very clearly tried to implement damage control. Before the public eye, at least, the Biden administration doesn’t want any potential rifts to become common, public knowledge, as Washington Examiner documents.

Putting Rumors to Bed?

On Monday, Biden and Harris openly displayed a unified front. This happened when the pair joined lawmakers for Biden to sign his infrastructure package. During this time, Biden and Harris smiled, hugged, and appeared in close proximity to one another.

While the vice president gave some remarks about the infrastructure bill, she made sure to laud Biden. Harris stated the nation is “better” because of Biden, a point in which many Americans would beg to differ.

Nevertheless, after the signing ceremony concluded, Biden and Harris were seen with their arms linked together.

The White House also recently put out a statement. Press secretary Jen Psaki said Harris is a valued member of the team. Psaki also declared that Biden regularly relies on both the vice president and the counsel she brings to the table.

Could CNN’s Report be True?

Many Americans are of the view the aforementioned reports are not without merit. Some folks have noted the intensity to which Biden and Harris butted heads, prior to her becoming his vice presidential running mate.

Other Americans noted when Biden faced sexual assault claims, Harris also publicly declared the women accusing the now-president should be believed. There is a view that states this doesn’t mesh with Biden and Harris having any long-term, positive working relationship.

On Monday, the White House appeared to work very hard to put rumors of discord to rest. The notable closeness of Biden and Harris following these reports could also be viewed as a form of overcompensating.

Some of the vice president’s latest Twitter posts also pertain to Biden’s infrastructure package and how great she believes it’s going to be for the United States. Again, there is a good deal of Americans who have the precise opposite perspective on the bill signed by the president yesterday.

What do you think of CNN’s reports about tensions surrounding Kamala Harris’ work as vice president? Do you think Biden and Harris are secretly at each others’ throats? We’d like to know in the comments area below.