Why Isn’t Anyone Talking About Hunter Biden’s Russian Connections?

"USA Russia" by Balkan Photos

Ever since Hillary Clinton based her entire 2016 campaign on smearing Donald Trump’s name with false allegations of Russian collusion, the left has been pushing the narrative like there’s no tomorrow.

That’s despite the fact Hillary’s source was a Russian national himself.

What this means, aside from the fact the political left, at the time, had Russian connections, is Biden continued the trend.

Biden claims Trump’s presidency was a gift for Putin, whereas he’s willing to go above and beyond to lie about his son’s business connections.

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Biden administration covers Hunter’s tracks

Furthermore, the liberal media turns a blind eye to every alarming thing related to the current president.

That’s true whether it’s his questionable relationship with his daughter or his son’s criminal past, so much so that they’ll believe any claims of how Hunter earned all his millions fair and square.

With everything that’s been happening with the Biden family recently, there’s been an overload of stories containing the president’s second eldest child, who routinely met with Russian oligarchs during Biden’s time in office as vice-president.

Among the names on the list, a particular Russian national stands out.

That is Telman Ismailov, Putin’s close confidant and a major figure in the Russian economy, as well as the man who is currently wanted for murder.

Apparently, the four oligarchs Hunter met with during a two-day conference in Moscow offered to invest in his company.

If we take into account the shady backgrounds of these figures, it’s evident they wouldn’t have made business with Hunter if there wasn’t something for them in it.

Hunter Biden flips his dad’s time for a profit

That “something” turned out to be a series of one-on-one meetings with then-Vice President Biden, allowing some of these Russians to gain a certain amount of power and influence during the Obama administration.

Jim Hanson of the Security Studies Group commented on the matter, making quick work of Hunter’s drug-ridden past.

He claimed the only reason someone who’s not a prostitute or a dealer would want to meet with him was to get to his dad.

As for the rest of the Russian figures that made their way into Joe’s calendar, they include none other than Sergey Chemezov.

He is now the CEO of state-owned conglomerate Rostec, as well as Vladimir Yevtushenkov, head of Sistema, a Russian Holdings company.

Of the two, Chemezov is infamous for being one of Putin’s closest friends, as the two operated in the KGB together in the 1980s. After that, Chemezov used Putin’s status to climb up the ranks in the Russian hierarchy.

In 2014, he was sanctioned by the US when Russia invaded a region of Ukraine known as Crimea.

He was sanctioned once again in 2022 when Putin decided to carry out his “special military operation” which has since grown into a nearly four-month-long war.

With this in mind, one might wonder what else Democrats may be hiding and whether the Trump collusion smear was just an attempt to mask their own connections with prominent figures of the communist country.