Debates Left Hanging: Joe Biden Refuses Two More Face-offs, Leaving Questions Unanswered


In the midst of a heated political climate, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has made a surprising decision to decline not one, but two upcoming debates. This unexpected move has left both supporters and critics scratching their heads and wondering what implications this may have for the upcoming election.

While some may argue that Biden's reluctance to participate in these debates is due to his age and potential lack of energy, others speculate that it may be a strategic move to avoid any potential missteps that could jeopardize his chances at the presidency. However, with such a crucial and highly anticipated event, it's hard not to question the reasoning behind his refusal.

This isn't the first time that Biden has turned down an opportunity to publicly address his policies and plans for the country. In fact, he previously declined a debate with his primary opponent Bernie Sanders, leaving many to wonder if this is becoming a pattern for the former Vice President. Is he simply avoiding confrontation and tough questions, or is there something else at play?

As expected, Biden's decision has sparked controversy and criticism from both sides of the political spectrum. Some have accused him of lacking transparency and avoiding accountability, while others defend his decision and claim that it's a smart move in the long run. Nevertheless, the question remains: why is Biden shying away from the chance to defend his platform and engage in meaningful debate?

It's also worth noting that these debates are not just for show or entertainment, but rather a crucial opportunity for voters to see the candidates in action and make informed decisions based on their performances.

With only a limited number of debates scheduled, Biden's refusal to participate in two of them raises concerns about his commitment to engaging with the American people and addressing their concerns.

Furthermore, this move also calls into question the integrity of the democratic process. Should a candidate be allowed to pick and choose which debates they want to participate in? Does this not undermine the purpose of a debate, which is to provide a fair platform for candidates to share their views and engage in productive discourse?

As we move closer to the election, the importance of these debates cannot be overstated. They serve as a critical opportunity for voters to evaluate the candidates and make informed decisions. With Biden's latest decision to decline two more debates, it's unclear how this will impact the election and the perception of his campaign. Will he reconsider his stance or stick to his decision? Only time will tell.

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  1. Biden cannot possibloy debat Trump or in fact anyone. He is not able to put a full sentence together without telling a lile. He cannot answeer any hard questions. He would probably fall asleep in the middle of the debate. He is the woprst President this country has ever had much worse then Jimmy Carter. Anyone who votes for him or any Democrat is letting our country go foewn the toilet. I don’t even want to discuss the cackling Harris.

  2. It will take just one debate to show Biden’s ineptitude.
    I will not miss whatever debates they have.
    Gonna be, in Biden’s own words, a bloodbath!

  3. If Quid-Pro-Joe was winning in the polls, he would arrogantly refuse any debate with Trump. Agreeing to 2 debates shows his weakness. Not agreeing to more than 2 extremely controlled debates confirms his fear of being exposed for the cognitively-impaired man he is.


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