Jim Jordan’s Bid for House Speaker Thwarted Again: 24 RINOS Stand in Opposition


Jim Jordan, the conservative favorite, once again lost his bid to become the Speaker of the House. This marks the third time that the House voted to select a new Speaker; each time, Jordan has been unable to secure the necessary votes.

Jordan’s loss can be attributed to the opposition from 24 Republicans In Name Only (RINOs), who consistently stood against him.

These individuals have shown a clear disregard for the will of the people, choosing instead to align themselves with interests that do not reflect the conservative values they were elected to uphold.

Adding to Jordan’s woes, one of his staunch supporters, Rep. Derrick Van Orden (R-WI), chose to embark on a fact-finding mission to Israel at a critical juncture.

His absence during this crucial vote further weakened Jordan’s position, leaving him without the necessary support to secure the Speaker’s chair.

Among the 24 RINOs who opposed Jordan, two new opponents emerged – Brian Fitzpatrick and Tom Kean. Their decision to oppose Jordan is a clear indication of the deep divisions within the Republican Party, with many members choosing to prioritize personal interests over party unity.

The list of those who opposed Jordan includes notable names such as Don Bacon, Vern Buchanan, Ken Buck, and Anthony D’Esposito among others. Their opposition to Jordan raises questions about their commitment to the principles that the Republican party stands for.

To win the Speaker’s chair, Jordan needed to flip at least 18 of the 22 RINOs who were opposing him.

Despite his best efforts, he was unable to do so, falling short of the 214 votes needed to secure victory. This loss is a significant setback for Jordan and the conservative movement as a whole.

This development is a stark reminder of the challenges that conservatives face within their own ranks. The presence of RINOs within the party undermines the conservative agenda, making it difficult for true conservatives to rise to positions of leadership.

Jordan’s loss is a wake-up call. It underscores the need for unity within the Republican Party and the importance of electing individuals who truly represent conservative values. Only then can the party hope to effectively champion the causes that matter most to its constituents