Marjorie Taylor Greene Debunks Bowman’s Fire Alarm Fiasco


In a recent video that has been making waves, Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene took it upon herself to debunk a controversial claim made by Representative Jamaal Bowman.

The claim in question? He had to pull a fire alarm to exit the Cannon House Office Building. This incident led to an unnecessary evacuation and delayed a crucial vote in Congress.

Greene’s video begins at the very door where Bowman, a former middle school principal turned congressman, claimed he had to resort to pulling the fire alarm to make his exit.

“We’re at the infamous door where Jamal Bowman claims he had to pull a fire alarm to get out,” she stated, pointing out these doors are typically open on weekdays, a fact well-known to every member of Congress.

However, Greene didn’t stop there. She went on to explain that on weekends, these doors are locked, with only certain doors remaining accessible. She then gestured towards a fire alarm, questioning its supposed role in opening the exit door.

“Does it say, pull the fire alarm to open the exit door? Doesn’t say that,” she pointed out.

The video continues with Greene walking through the building, eventually reaching a staircase. These stairs, she noted, were the same ones used to evacuate the building after Bowman’s fire alarm stunt.

She then presented viewers with two options available to members of Congress: either continue down the stairs to the basement and walk through a tunnel to the Capitol or exit onto New Jersey Avenue.

“This one is open all the time. Not just some of the time, all the time,” she emphasized.

Greene didn’t mince words when accusing Bowman of intentionally disrupting the legislative process.

“Jamal Bowman didn’t pull the fire alarm to try to get out of the building because he had to rush to go vote,” she stated. She was adamant that Bowman knew exactly what he was doing, especially given his background as a former middle school principal.

Greene’s video concluded with a call for Bowman’s prosecution, comparing his actions to those of the January 6 defendants and President Trump.

“There’s some serious problems for Jamal Bowman and he needs to be prosecuted for violating the same federal law that they are prosecuting January 6 defendants and President Trump,” she said.

This video serves as a stark reminder of the lengths some politicians will go to disrupt the legislative process. Greene’s walkthrough not only debunked Bowman’s claim, but also highlighted the need for accountability in our political system.